Cause of Death: DTaP


I wish we were meeting under different circumstances, but I hope you find this information helpful as we navigate these difficult times.

SO, Now, I’m gonna “speak our truth” even if tears roll.

My girl singing and dancing her day away.

🛑 DTaP caused her heart attacks.

How could I have let this happen? I was told that vaccines were completely safe and had very minimal side effects which usually included redness at injection site, low fever and temporary crankiness.

As we add 6 mths to 11 yrs to the experimental trial that is currently taking place I feel a responsibility to share all the information I have learned from the experts.

The Rush to Create A COVID19 Vaccine

⚠️ A vaccine that is said to contain RNA, we must be vigilant to gather as much information as we can to protect ourselves and those we love.

An RNA Vaccine has never been tested on humans and changes your DNA forever❗️😰❗️

Dr. Carie Madej warns us about this COVID19 Vaccine.

This Video from Dr. Mikovits and a video shared at an Autism One Conference revealed the contents of what is found inside the vial of Tetanus Vaccine.

I learned that animals contain coronaviruses and other serious illnesses❗️❗️❗️

These are being directly injected into our bodies through the vaccines.
If you missed that post you can watch it here:

☢️ I have also found Vaccines contain the following

Cow blood
Vero Monkey Cells
DNA Porcine (Pig)
Madin-Darby Canine Kidney Cells
Lyme Rod Material
Skin Material
Undetermined Parasite Eggs
Algae & Fungus
Baculovirus: Baculoviruses (BVs) are a diverse family of
arthropod (an invertebrate: such as spiders, ticks, insect, crustaceans)
parasite eggs

Other toxins ☣️ found in vaccines are:
Potassium Chloride
Aluminum in many forms
Polysorbate 80
Mercury in various strengths
2-phenoxyethanol (A CNS depressant)

This is the CDC’s Excipient List as of June 2018 and color coded.

💗 Pink: Human aborted fetal cell line

🧡 Orange: Animal derived

💛 Yellow:  Toxic to humans

💚 Green:  Allergy irritant

💙  Blue:  Antibiotic 

Today, the CDC Excipient List looks VERY different!

☢️ Vaccines inject us with these viruses of many kinds and toxins that are deadly, literally… Potassium Chloride is used in lethal injections on death row to stop the heat of the inmate. 😳😰😳

🔺 I also understand about genetic mutations like MTHFR & COMT. There are pre-exisitng susceptibilities that reacts very negatively with synthetic toxins.

🛑 Sidenote:

Even with all I knew…. I still felt strong armed into vaccinating my 3rd Daughter. I was told my pediatrician would withhold care if I didn’t vaccinate. Lillirose became significantly injured in the months that followed, but I stopped vaccinating her and she is recovering and thriving today

So I am what you call an Ex-Vaxer❣️

No to Vaccines, No today, No tomorrow, No next week, No next month, No next year…
over my dead body this time…not theirs.

💔 The heart of a Mother is to love and protect above all else. I was ignorant and uninformed when Sophie was alive. I was living under caregiver burnout and unable to do my own research/due diligence. I trusted the authorities that govern the Medical Protocols and put them in place. And in my exhaustion, I abdicated my own power, intuition and authority.

I didn’t research everything that was happening to her, as it was happening, a decision that I greatly regret today.

I share my truths, my daughter’s journey, to raise awareness. 💡
I didn’t know what I didn’t know. 🤷🏽‍♀️
And now I do and so do you, lives can be saved!
When we know better we do better. 💫

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