Buh-Bye Lyme Disease

Treatment Protocol for Lyme Disease
Double Promise

It’s not a traditional Western Medicine approach. This is a miraculous alternative that works! Today I am healed from Lyme Disease, its co-infections and Rock Mountain Spotted Fever because of this treatment protocol.

This is a radical comprehensive treatment protocol filled with alternative medicines, organic foods, minerals, nutrients, and essential oils.  After being sick with Lyme Disease for over 10 years and then contracting Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever I was living a slow death. After finally receiving an accurate diagnosis I began traditional LLMD antibiotic treatment protocols.  I tried 5 different antibiotic combinations which included picc line IV antibiotics, none of which worked;  and only caused further illness and almost death.  If you are suffering and can’t get well, it’s time to get radical and follow a new treatment protocol.  This worked for me and today the war is over and I am free!

Be of good courage don’t be afraid, easier said than done I know.  This protocol works for all who have followed it wholeheartedly. 100% total commitment, no short cuts, don’t look to the left or the right. Freedom comes at a price but you must choose either Life or death?  I made my choice, Life; fought hard and won!  Slow and steady wins this race. One day at a time. Implement these things and God will carry you through each day!  He did it for me and He can do it for you!  His arm is not too short!

Call the right Lyme Doctor: Dr. Anderson

Secure his first new patient appt.  People travel from all over the Nation to see Dr. Anderson.

Longevity Health Center
1745 Woodstock Rd
Roswell GA 30075

(770) 642-4646 phone

(770) 642-4771 fax

Dr. Seneca Anderson

The wait can be lengthy but as you wait there are things you can do to help strengthen your body as much as it can be as sick as you are today. When you make your appointment Dr. Anderson’s receptionists will ask you if you want to run all will run all diagnostic tests on your first appointment say yes! this includes a thermal cancer screen and you will know immediately after your first visit what your body is fighting and the proper course of treatment. Dr. Anderson and his team saved my life and he can save yours too. Check out their website it explains new patient testing and paperwork to fill out.

Dr. Anderson will begin a treatment protocol that is specifically tailored for your body and his diagnostic testing is so sensitive you will not be placed on any kind of homeopathics that may or may not work to treat the kind of Lyme Disease you carry.  His diagnostics will detect the perfect combination of homeopathics and alternative medicine remedies to kick your Lyme to the curb forever!

Call the right Chiropractor: Maximized Living Doctors

Find one near you.  Spinal correction is absolutely necessary to achieve total health and wellness.  Spinal interference is not something you can feel but it is something that interferes with your different bodily systems ability to function at 100% capacity especially when it comes to your immunity and fighting disease.

I live in the Nashville, Brentwood area and this my Maximized living doctor but they have a network of Doctors across the Nation that can help you where you live.

Dr. Kellogg and make a new patient appt tell her I sent you and you have Lyme. She will begin your spinal stabilization rehab which is also essential to your full recovery. I’m giving you a DVD to watch pretty short easy to understand; take notes or have a family take notes write down what the 6 essentials things your body needs on a cellular level to produce healthy cells are and begin.

New Life Chiropratic
1746 General George Patton Drive
Brentwood, TN 37027

(615) 221-8033 phone
(615) 221-8035 fax

Dr. Dionne Kellogg

As you begin to annihilate Lyme Disease



Regardless of what treatment protocol you follow when the Spirochettes break open and die off inside your body the toxins they release are deadly!

You must flush them out of your system so they don’t cause permanent damage in whatever system they are offloading in.

There are only two ways to do it!

Two specific treatments for sweat you must use one
1.) Infrared Sauna- infrared sauna is different from other saunas. It’s a gentle heat that heats your body from the inside out. I thought I was too weak to endure this kind of treatment but it’s so amazing and was instrumental in helping me achieve complete freedom.

People who live in Brentwood Nashville, TN area: Cool Springs Family Medicine (615) 791-9784 4091 Mallory Ln #118 Franklin, TN 37067 they have one of these units. You don’t have to be a patient there to use it. They have an unlimited month for 130$ I used it everyday 30-40 mins Mon-Fri.

If this is not an option for you then buy:

2.) Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Spray sold at Whole Foods in dental hygiene isle. Take a hot shower: doors closed let steam collect opening the pores of your skin: turn water off stay in shower spray your whole body not including your hair or face. Stand for 5-7 mins peroxide will pull toxins out do as many time a day as you can physically handle in a day.

3.) Sweating outside in summer it’s FREE but it’s seasonal.


Ionic & Alkalized water: This THE ONLY kind of water that actually flushes the toxins out so you can pass them through urine.

Kangen makes the filtration system that creates this kind of filtered water you can’t buy it at Whole Foods but for those who live in Brentwood Nashville area, New Life Chiropratic Dr. Dionne Kellogg’s office has one of these systems and sells the water by for $1.00 per gallon.  Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces everyday all day long not all at once that’s like giving your internal organs and systems a hyrda-flush that’s not what you want.  Your body needs constant gentle rinsing all day long everyday.

Nutrition Nutrition Nutrition

We don’t live to eat. We eat to live! It’s not about taste its about nutrition. Your body is desperately in need of nutrients to get well.

The first nutrient you put in your body each morning after rising must be a protein!  It helps to stabilize your blood sugar levels for the rest of the day.

Doesn’t matter what your protein source is as long as it’s not diary. Dairy, soy, artificially processed foods heavily weigh down your immune system allowing the Lyme spirochetes to reproduce also and provide no nutritional value or help your body’s healing process. Check your ingredients carefully.

Nuts, eggs, beans (black or kidney) there is a lot of protein found in green plant veggies, kale, collards. Whole foods sell a plant protein powder called PlantFusion (green and white container) various flavors I drink vanilla bean. You can add coconut or almond milk to with a handful of dark berries and it has 21 grams of plant derived protein in one shake. Larabars are also good Cashew Cookie or Peanut Butter Cookie. But they only have 7 grams of protein (vs 21 gm of the powered drink) and even less in other flavors don’t even bother with any other flavors. Don’t load up on the ones with chocolate chips in them it’s dairy and sugar. Sorry

No Gluten, no sugar, no artificial sugars, colors or flavors, no processed foods, no dairy, no soy, no caffeine. No exceptions.

Any and all sugars processed, organic or natural (found in foods) fuel the reproduction of Lyme spirochetes (along with Gluten) and the truth is our body can’t tell the difference between the sugars. LIMIT your natural sugars found in fruits. In addition, processed sugars arrest our immune system which makes us more susceptible to any communicable viruses or diseases. In addition, Spirochettes feed and procreate off of sugars and gluten and these two ingredients are found in most foods eaten everyday. You must remove them both from your dietary intake. Significantly decrease your white potato and yellow corn intake. Your body processes them as starchy sugars, not what you need during treatment.

If you need a sweetener use raw honey but only in the smallest amounts.

Stay away from pasteurized juices in cans, glass or bottles they are void of any nutritional value and your body recognizes them only as sugar, another no-no.

Do eat sweet or purple potatoes, brown or black rice and blue corn as starches.

All natural, organic foods. Greens (the darker the better), fruits (I’ve listed), and meats.

I drank most of my nutrients and calories, you feel icky ALOT (sorry to say) but you need to give your body what it needs to fight. I juiced a lot! With a Breville 1700 watt juicer! Awesome! Greens of every kind I could get my hands on. Www.juicerecipes.com can help get you started but seriously stay away from fruity juices yes they taste yummo but they won’t help you right now only hurt you, too much natural sugars. Any and every symptom you have during your treatment you can try to combat with a juicing recipe. Greens, greens more greens leafy and bunched, broccoli, asparagus, Brussels Sprouts all super-foods! And throw in some Granny Smith Apples they have a low glycemic (natural fructose sugar) index and Berries: especially dark ones are highest in antioxidants, have a low glycemic (natural fructose sugar) index. Always throw them into your recipes they can help any sweet tooth you may have and are great for energy and immunity!

Here’s a list of super foods for your reference

Oats – Gluten Free
Oranges – Not now too much sugar
Tea (green or black)
Seeds Chia (you add to your foods) and Pumpkin you just eat by the handful.

I carry pumpkin seeds along with cashews in my purse all day long!

Pure Formulas sell vitamins and nutritional supplements in their whole pure forms.

You should invest in a vitamin system they sell called
End Fatigue Daily Enfusion
it’s a vitamin power you mix with your ionized water and drink. Also purchase End Fatigue Daily Energy B Complex 30 capsules and if you have trouble sleeping buy End Fatigue Revitalizing Sleep Formula 30 capsules they’re sold separately but it comes in a one month supply of each. Also purchase a vitamin called D3-K2 formulated by a company called NuMedica. Take one full dropper twice daily always. Omega fatty oils 3-6-9 I take PhysioLogics. Two everyday

Amazon sells most if not all supplements necessary along with Pure Forumulas.

Pure Formulas sell vitamins and nutritional supplements in their purest whole forms.

Purge Your Medicine Cabinets

Hopewell Oils

You will need to use an essential oil treatment protocol as well but dr. Andersen will tell you which ones to use for your specific case. It’s not the same for everyone, but this website is amazing and there lots of resources to review here. You can type in any symptom you’re having and in most cases they will recommend an oil or a blend of oils that will treat that symptom. Really amazing! I have replaced all our over the counter medications with essential oils. They truly are God’s medicines!

After following this above protocol for only 8 months, (after being sick for over a decade) I was cleared of all Lyme Diseases and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever!  It wasn’t easy, it is overwhelmingly sacrificial and costly but God connected all these dots. These are God’s tools that will set you free permanently, no matter how sick you are! He led the charge to Victory and wellness for me and I know He can do it for you too!

I have started a closed group on Facebook for those who want to or are following  this protocol and would like to ask direct questions from myself or those in the group as they navigate this treatment protocol.

Facebook group link:

🚫 Toxins Allowed

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor if you are in a life threatening emergency call 911.

9 responses to “Buh-Bye Lyme Disease

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  2. Hi Kim;
    Just wondering how you are doing and hoping you are on the path to healing from your re infection of lyme. I am battling the same thing currently. I was FINE for 7 years and then boom it returned. So disheartening! I am currently doing home ozone saunas and taking nutraceuticals, supplements, IVs and abx to get myself to health again. I am also looking into getting all metals removed from my mouth and root canals/cavitations removed as well. This is an expensive but vital part of healing for me so I am taking it slow.
    I would love to hear how you are doing. God bless and take care,

    • I’m so sorry for this delayed reply Lois. I really appreciate you for asking. It’s had been very complicated knot to unravel, much like my girls I am a medical zebra but even more rare than most. Through this debilitating sickness Drs have uncovered that I have an occult tethered spinal cord. Just like my Sophie was born with but hers was visible on scan and outside her body. Mine isn’t. So I have continued to have neurological events caused by this tethering. I have to have spinal surgery to release the tethering. My body can not continue in this state and having these very dangerous neurological events which can lead to death, but haven’t yet. I have lost my vision for 15 mins, numbness in my arms and legs 24/7, pain in my low back that takes my breath away, lost control of my bowels, blood pressure tanker 90/40. Ugh…
      There are only 3 Neurosurgeons in the country that can release this tether and they are slammed. These inflammatory/cytokine events are awakening dormant spinal cord defects or awakening many other kinds of dormant viral loads that we all carry. It’s been a nightmare. I have done EEG, VEEGs, MRI, electrocardiograms, urodynamic studies, ophthalmological tests. All normal because it’s all caused by the tethering of my spinal cord. Ultimately, I could loose all control of my bowels/bladder and use of my arms and legs. Or left blind completely. What a ride! And I keep fighting because I have people here that need me, but each time I have one of these unpredictable neurological episodes, my body is left weaker than the one before, more symptomatic and more debilitated. The hardest battle yet for sure.

      • Im so sorry Kim to hear of this. I am glad that you and your Drs have figured out what the root cause of this is for you. I will continue to pray for you and your family as you journey thru this. Please know that God and his angels are watching over you to give you strength as you go thru your surgeries and wishing you a complete recovery in time. God Bless you.

  3. This is amazing. My oldest son 21 has Lyme disease he’s better now but still not 100% can’t wait to see if we can get rid of the rest of his symptoms with your protocol! I also even before reading this had bought recently the Kagen water machine! I’m super excited to hear more ways it’s healthy!

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