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Kimberly HenkelI have a BA in Psychology from the University of Michigan. “Hail to the Victors” was the first song I learned at the age of 4 or 5, taught to me by my Father. I grew up watching the Wolverines play football. I still watch them, while holding my breath, to this day. I love photography, video making, writing, singing, playing guitar, organizing, and all things computer. I’m terrified of snakes.
For the past 11 years, I have been married to a 21yr retired Master Sergeant in the USMC. God introduced us inside a home bible study group. We married as quickly as lightening strikes. And God has been doing some supernatural works from the moment we said, “I do.” My husband’s devoted his life to protect and serve, the United States of America and our family. He is our Hero. He’s traveled the world, served in Desert Storm, Afghanistan, Australia, Thailand, Iraq, Africa and many other places near and far. His unit helped rescue Jessica Lynch after the war in Iraq began, but please don’t tell him I told you. He doesn’t like it when I highlight his heroic accomplishments. Russ is most happy when he’s serving children (his own or others), especially those with special needs. He loves teaching them about the love of Jesus.

Through the blessing of being married to my Husband Russ,  I became the Mother of 5.
Abigail Grace is a 9 yr old lovingly, intelligent and inquisitive 4nd grader. She lives up to her namesake and is her Father’s Joy.

Sophie Elise, our wise warrior; who at the age of 2yrs 7mths old went to Heaven after a  needed “routine” open-heart surgery caused by Williams Syndrome went very wrong. I miscarried our other 3 children. 1 in between my beloved Abigail and Sophie. The other 2 were lost over the past 2 1/2 years.  I know when we all get to Heaven there will be a rowdy reunion party.  So if there’s lots of thunder and lighting on Earth don’t worry we’re celebrating in a BIG Heavenly way.

I am a phoenix rising from the ashes. I was born in the land of Soddom and Gomorrah, at the age of 30 I was rescued. The Light came and the darkness had to flee. My story may not resonate with you, but I know there are others like me and to be quite honest these things aren’t easy to discuss so many suffer in silence, smiling, nodding their heads and saying “I’m fine.”  It’s time to open lines of communication. Shed light and love into the broken hearted darkness, bringing healing to all our wounds.  I will show you evidence of supernatural things divinely orchestrated that are going to make your jaw drop wide open, pouring joy into the wounds and hurting places. They are miracles, the workings, footprints and handprints of God.

Fasten your seat belts and grab on, your in for an amazing ride.

3 responses to “About Me/Us

  1. Good Evening, we really love your testimony! I have a question: How long your treatment took with Dr. Seneca Anderson? My case is chronic, do you think he can fix me? Thank you in advance and God Bless you and yours…

    • Hi M Borges!

      It’s nice to “meet” you. I’m glad you found my blog and my answer is Absolutely!

      Yes Dr. Anderson can help you! He’s amazing! My daughter and I were both chronic!

      I would like to stress the importance of my section on drainage in Buh-Bye Lyme Disease page. You have years and years of bacteria (Lyme spirochetes) in your body, organs, spine, brain, etc. When you are taking the homeopathics Dr. Anderson tailor makes for you along with other alternative medicines and supplements he will prescribe during your treatment process, they work very well and drainage is imperative along with providing your body the best nutrient rich foods you can. The nutritional section is also very important to implement and follow. This road is not inexpensive on the wallet or in your being. It’s costly to become well. There is no half-way. I would recommend if you can’t follow the protocol 100% don’t do it.

      You have begun a marathon not a sprint! There are no short cuts! You must follow the protocol until you test clear. However long that takes.

      My 11 yr old daughter took 7 mths. I took 8 mths but we are both clear today and no longer sick.

      I also want you to know that this road to healing is filled with sacrifice and is the hardest thing you will ever endure and you must listen to your body very carefully. Slow and steady wins this race. Fast and furious can be very dangerous!

      I have recently counseled a woman 32 yrs old. She was chronic and very sick! She had ALL 6 co-infections and 7 mths later, she was clear of them all. It wasn’t easy some days or weeks she felt she wouldn’t survive but she’s well today and is looking forward to adding to her family, a healthy baby.

      You can do it too and Dr. Anderson is just the Dr to get you there!
      Grace and peace over you! God Bless you mightily while you battle and endure!

  2. Dear Kimi,

    nice to meet you too. I am so happy about your reply, God is good! Thank you so much for answering us.
    I found about Dr. Anderson through a lady on Facebook after I prayed and cried to our Lord at 3:30 in the morning in our living room asking for a solution. At the next day on Facebook Susan posted her victory with Dr. Anderson and I contacted her right away. Then, Susan send me Dr. Anderson’s info and some links including your blog fortunately. My wife and I got so happy you can’t imagine it! I am counting the days to meet Dr. Anderson. Once again, thank you so much, we really appreciate it. God Bless you and your family ABUNDANTLY!

    Attn: I will keep you posted…

    Marcelo and Sabine.

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