U Can’t say That! ☣️

Can I tell you what I think every parent should know before the potential damage is done? Or should I be muzzled? Anyone who has a story to tell…they are silenced. “You can’t say that! LIES LIES LIES,” the public cries. I’ve also been told that my children should die for the greater health of all humanity, if their bodies can’t handle these necessary injections. I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone what I learned about vaccines. I wasn’t supposed to say these words, but I did anyway.

I believe this next 14 mins could save a life!

Medical Freedom Rally May 2021
City Hall
Franklin, Tn

And today the number of injuries and deaths caused by this emergency use injection are shockingly alarming! This is some of the most recent data only in the United States and these numbers are still estimated at less than 1% of all injuries and death.

“VAERS data released Monday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention included a total of 913,268 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 19,249 deaths and 143,395 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and Nov. 19, 2021.”

Children’s Health Defense Organization

We have to be willing to listen and learn. So many have already been injured or killed by the previously recommended injections, but their stories and truths are buried with the bodies, ridiculed, ostracized and discriminated against. No one is held liable. So now many parents are becoming Ex-Vaxxers, part of a community they thought was a conspiracy theory, because they weren’t fully informed. They were not told the truth and today they fight to recover the health of their injured children.

I am only 1 of 100’s of thousands.

5 responses to “U Can’t say That! ☣️

    • Aw you’re welcome. I do feel an obligation to share the knowledge I have learned, so many people right now need to know the truth. So many parents children are suffering from vaccine injury/death, I have heard story upon story, its really overwhelming. And then to be targeted as a crazy conspiracy theorist about our truths, or treated in such a demeaning hateful manner, it’s awful. The darkness just keeps getting darker, but children are innocent and shouldn’t have to suffer from all these lies. I couldn’t even share what I learn for over a year. After the cognitive dissonance, deep grief, and outrage wore off, I had to say this for all the Ex-Vaxers….who can’t. All their stories deserve to be heard and honored. 🙏🏽❣️🙏🏽

  1. Amazing story! I am so sorry for your loss and the pain you and your family have been through. I want to investigate my son’s case how do I do that? He is 8yrs old and was diagnosed with 5 different vestibular disorders since a baby and now still has vestibular migraines, anxiety, and adhd. Any advice would be greatly appreciated I found you on Twitter! Thank you for sharing your story.

    • It’s not an easy puzzle to piece together. I didn’t discover the truth until years after Sophie’s death. I was doing the research for my injured Rainbow Baby’s whose liver went septic day 2 of life after given HepB in the hospital. I had started to learn while I was being treated for Lyme Disease bits and pieces here and there. I did a deeper dive after I got pregnant but too late to protect my unborn child. They insisted I get DTaP, flu and tetanus….I didn’t want it. I told the Dr so, but the manipulation is where these medical mafia turn to. My OB/GYN knew I had lost a child. So she used it as emotional leverage, when I told her kindly I didn’t want any injections. She said, “if your unborn child gets the Flu or whooping cough after birth she will die.” So in my traumatic uninformed brain thought, I will take one for the team. It will go into me and not harm her. LIE it went straight into my bloodstream, the umbilical cord and the injuries began…almost immediately. At 23 weeks I started having contractions, spontaneous miscarriage. I was on bed rest for 13 weeks. Contracting the entire time, but it wasn’t changing my cervix and our rainbow miracle came at 37 wks 3 days. Before she got her HepB the nurse took her to give her a bath in our delivery room. When the water hit her skin, I knew she had special needs. She screamed as if she had been lit on fire. The sensation of water on her skin was torture. She screamed every time water touched her skin for the next 7 mths. She nearly blew out her vocal cords every single time she had a bath. It was traumatic for everyone in our family, but i knew something was wrong, but still didn’t have enough information/still not fully informed enough to stop the injuries. Then came HepB and loved sepsis. Then her pediatrician said she wouldn’t see her if we didn’t maintain the injection schedule. I was crying, I begged. She’s septic! We can’t, but not one Dr would over see her case. It’s a nightmare and when she was non-verbal, banging her head, never slept and screaming 24/7 I said ENOUGH! I stopped the injections. Leaned how to detox her body and dove deeply into these forced injectables. I was horrified at what I learned. I was enraged and grief stricken. My ignorance and quiet compliance has hurt 2 of my children and killed my beloved Sophie! It’s a nightmare a parent can never wake up from and once I learned the truth I started talking, bits and pieces to see how my family and friends would react. Covid wasn’t even a thing yet. Nor was the MRNA vaccines. Even before Covid I lost Ride or Dies. One of my longest most beloved friends gone, almost in the blink of an eye. It’s been the most painful eye opening experience, but my girls are recovering and living their best lives and learned soon enough to save them from these MRNA vaccines, which I am SO thankful for. Little funny backstory…before I was married I worked in the regulatory department of a Bio-Tech company. I knew of the clinical issues with MRNA. They kept trying to test it on animals and all the animals were dying in the animal studies. They could never move it into human trials because the animals study data was horrific. The only why they could get it injected into human studies was to declare a global emergency/pandemic. No liability. No credible way to report injury/deaths. I knew this was going to change humanity forever. It also reminded me that none of our “approved” vaccines have been clinically studied on pregnant women because it’s unethical to do so, but here they are injecting untested deadly MRNA vaccines into pregnant women and the results have been horrific. I wish I could unsee what I have seen and I know that I will never be complacent/ignorant again. I’m so sorry. You are being awakened to this truth through the injuries of your children, they can detox and they can live their best lives but some of the damage can not be undo, but their bodies can heal where they are at and they can live their best lives with your knowledge and help. ❤️

      • Wow that is so moving and I’m powering. Thank you! I hope to stay in touch through here! I had bought the Kagen machine with hope of health benefits and am waiting for a plumber to connect it. I have had almost a month but first had to get the granite drilled and now waiting on a plumber. I showed my oldest son your protocols for Lyme. He is going to try his best to avoid some of the bad food but we all know how 20 year old kids are! I am going to start crossing the dates my son had really bad episodes of seizure like episodes to his vaccines and see if I can find a pattern. My oldest lives with his mom (I’m stepmom) and he said that he had thinks he had received the HPV Vaccine right before he got diagnosed and that he still this day until this morning thought it was weird that he never had a tick bite…. Thank you for sharing your story’s and discovery! All the best ~Shelly

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