WAIT… Til You See THIS!!

Life is complicated, messy and sometimes just plain hard and this was equally so for Lillirose.

For those just joining me this is a brief synopsis of her debilitating issues from birth. Lillirose

So we began all the traditional early interventions; which meant all sorts of therapies, Behavioral Therapy, Parent Child Interactive Therapy aka PCIT, Occupational Therapy, multiple times weekly in the hopes of helping Lillirose thrive. First was in-home developmental therapy.  This began at 17 mths of age. For one entire hour, she would sit in my lap, bang her head on my clavicle and scream blood curdling screams; as if she had been lit on fire, nearly blowing out her vocal cords each week. I had no idea if I was helping my daughter or traumatizing her.

We did this for 6 months.

It was just like right after her birth in the hospital; the nurse gave Lillirose her first bath and as soon as the water hit her skin she SCREAMED as if she had been lit on fire. Baths were no fun at all.

We did this for 6 mths.

As a Mom, my weary, heavy, grief-stricken heart, had no idea how to help our miracle rainbow babe and I wasn’t sure I had any fight left in me to dig deep and figure it out. But, Lillirose was suffering and I needed to find answers. Who am I kidding?? I never give up!!. It’s not in my nature, especially where my children are concerned and when they are suffering as Lillirose was each and every day, I didn’t rest until I found a solution. Improving her quality of life was priority #1.

I started digging deep, learning about new nutrients…(well new to me, I kinda know a little bit about all things nutrient) and their impact in/on the body, when I came across our Endocannabinoid System or ECS. I found out our ECS controls literally every system in our body. The ECS is made up of CB1 and CB2 receptors, they are found in every single cell in our body….read that again…Every. Single. Cell and they are searching for cannabinoids found in CBD Oil.


If these cells aren’t nourished and given CBD Oil then dysregulation occurs. This is what happens when our ECS is neglected.


What in the WHAT????  Since this is true, everyone should be sent home from the hospital with a bottle of CBD.  And it should be given to every pregnant Momma too!!!! It’s the most beneficial nutrient ever created! I would’ve rather received CBD Oil, than the diapers they gave us, for real but CBD only became available in 2017, Lillirose was born in 2014 and I still had lots of research to do.

And, the CBD Industry is unregulated and it IS the dangerous Wild West out there. Every nuance requires careful vetting and the CBD Industry is rapidly growing, adding new CBD brands and products to the market daily. Many, many Brands filled with toxins, genetically modified, artificial ingredients, fillers, preservatives, carcinogens, heavy metals, molds, mildew, yeast, bacteria and viruses! Bleck!!!!!

I couldn’t give my toddler these dangerous volatile ingredients. With her genetic issues, putting these toxins in her body everyday would cause a very dangerous emergency.  So I was hopeful but uncertain… about finding the needle in the haystack we needed, a clean, pure and nutraceutical CBD Oil. I still had lots more digging to do.  Not one CBD company HAS to tell the truth about their products. So, I learned all about hemp farming, manufacturing, harvesting, extraction processes, and how to accurately interpret 3rd Party Testing labs. Heads up: most labs are read inaccurately.

And Hoooorayyyyy, I actually found it!!…..exactly what Lillirose needed to safely and effectively activate her ECS. A clean, (from seed to extraction) pure, nutraceutical CBD Oil and it has transformed Lillirose’s life.

After consistent use, 1 YEAR later, Lillirose’s transformation continues!!!  Remember that laundry list of challenges Lillirose was battling??? Well most of them are but a tiny speck of dirt on the bottom of her shoe. She is NOT limited anymore. She is thriving and this Momma could not be more overjoyed at her progress.

Now, Lillirose attends preschool two days a week, without an Aid. She recently turned 5 in Oct. In previous years, Birthday Parties, we held in our home, up until 3 weeks ago. And she only had 1 friend up until she began preschool last year.


2nd Birthday at Home


4th Birthday at home with BFF

However, THIS year, Lillirose had the MOST sensory overloaded birthday party ever AT Chuck E Cheese!!!

I know grown-ups who can’t/don’t go in to Chuck E Cheese. I wasn’t sure how this was going to flesh out for Lillirose. Dreamy or Gritty? We tend to dream about the amazingness of life, but in reality it’s much more gritty and hard. I wasn’t sure if we would walk in and have to walk out, party canceled. We have done that before trying to do other things, many times. Anything was possible. Lights, sounds, smells, music, screams of delight, a sensory mind field.

However, Lillirose was SO excited!  With her BFF and 7 of her preschool friends she entered, “The Mouse House,” (what she calls Chuck E Cheese) and they TORE Chuck E Cheese up!  WAIT.…it gets better!

Lillirose and her BFF

BFF *love*

I figured she’d run from “the mouse” when he made his appearances, pretty normal in my opinion. He is a little creepy, sorry Chuck. I wasn’t a fan of the big headed costumed characters when I was her age, either. The ticket booth???….hmmm let’s consider; a confined space, wearing protective eye gear, with all that wind, tickets blowing everywhere; (wind and water can be a similar feel on the body….es no bueno)…..ehhhhh she’ll pass on that too.

BUT I realized I was putting limitations on her and LOOK at her dreamy reality!!!!!


Mr. Mouse hug…whaaaat????

Lillirose 5 Birthday_0135_3muskateers

3 Muskateers in Preschool

Lillirose 5 Birthday_allfriends

Friends make the world SO sweet!

Her Unicorn Rainbow Birthday Party was a HUGE success.

I thank God for our ECS, Our “Miracle in a Bottle” and how Lillirose is living a life without limits. She’s livin the dream!!!


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