Gifts: Past & Present 

Don’t you see that children are God’s best gift?

Every day with my children is a gift.  I continue to cherish and unwrap each moment.  Each day new, exciting, challenging and exhausting.

I ADORE. My.Girls!!!!

And even though Sophie isn’t in this image below, she’s included in all I am about to say, because she truly taught me the meaning of sacrificial/unconditional love.  Sophie taught me how to rattle the cages and battle giants! How to love hard, discipline consistently (very tricky to do with differently-abled kiddos) and to encourage regularly; through exhaustion, through the tilted heads and stares of “the normal folk” because they tilt and stare, when your special needs daughter is publicly struggling. I wouldn’t have wanted Sophie to be any different (because she was amazing) and being her Mom was the hardest of the hard and the best of the best.

Love hard, gritty, painful, excruciating love.


And now, what about these two…. big-ish and little-ish beauties above?

Abby….my big-ish…gentle, intelligent, loving, joyful, strong-willed, encouraging, warrior! She always has a kind word to say, to the cashiers in stores, the waitstaff who serve our food, to parents of the toddlers at the play-area in the mall and now to those whom she sits next to and waits to audition with…annnnnd last but not least, Abby’s the very BEST Big Sister Ever! She learned so much from Sophie.  She doesn’t taken life for granted. She’s grateful, patient, loves unconditionally, and never gives up! Never gave up on Sophie and will never give up on Lillirose.  Never.

She knows how to love hard.

Which bring us to our little-ish…Lillirose.  Our miracle girl, who it turns out, is differently-abled like her extraordinary big sister Sophie.  Not in all the same ways but in some similar ways, specifically dealing with SPD.  Over the past 19 months I’ve watched, waited and hoped the red flags I saw would disappear as quickly as they appeared; they did not and today she entered the Early Intervention Program.  We will begin down a road that we as a family have traveled before, in the hopes of helping Lillirose become everything she can be and more. I don’t have all the answers as we begin this program.  I didn’t have all the answers when Sophie enrolled either, but as Lillirose’s Mom its time to dust off my tool belt, put on the gloves and do battle, for Lillirose.  Love hard, gritty, exhausting and excruciating but…. soooooo good!  I’m ready (sort of) but she’s 100% worth it! Without a doubt!

lillirose 18mth

If you happen to see her/us struggling publicly or any other differently-abled miracle kiddo/family; please don’t tilt and stare, say a prayer, think a good thought, an encouraging word, or even a hug, if your bold enough to love hard too.


P.S.  I know everyone is up in arms about the death of a beloved gorilla (and I LOVE animals) but if you ask me, I would’ve done anything to save Sophie’s life!  Anything!  Remember…. rattling the cages and battling giants, kind of anything.


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