One Blessing After Another

From the fullness of His Grace we have all received one blessing after another! (John 1:16)

As I read this to Abby today she giggled and said, “we experienced this today!”  

Gifts from God given and received early this year!!

Mary Poppins

God has done it! Abby has done it!  They have done it… together! Today Abby was given the all clear and Lyme Disease (specifically, Borrelia Burgdorferi, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever & Mycoplasma Fermentans) was defeated in our family AGAIN!  Overjoyed, we both cried together as she read the results.  

“You did it!  It’s over! Lyme is gone! I’m so proud of you!” I said hugging her tight. I could not be happier for her and I completely understand the battle that has been waged in her body over the past 6 months.  Her body has been through SO much! She has sacrificed so much and she has equally accomplished so much!! God’s Grace so richly poured out over our Sweet Abigail!!!  I am in awe and I am humbled. God has created our girls to be Warriors in so many ways!!!  They are answering the call exceedingly and abundantly above all that I could’ve asked or imagined!  Getting here hasn’t been easy or fun but I can’t wait to see what He will do with it all! God never wastes anything.  He uses it all!  We wouldn’t be here without His direction, guidance and provisions! We are certainly enjoying celebrating, Immanuel….God with us this Christmas.  Thank you Jesus!

6 responses to “One Blessing After Another

    • Sir Ralph! What a wonderful blessing to receive your comment and follow today! I’ve been a real time circus act, ball juggler, homeschool, extra curriculars, double ear infection for the babe, and life in general! Taking it all in and loving every moment. Hope you are well!!! As always 1,000,000 thank-yous for all the prayers!! Always….

  1. I just came across this blog today and i have just finished reading the whole blog. You have given me hope! I’m very sick with lyme disease and i too unwillingly passed it onto my son Isaiah. He is not unwell but i am very concerned. He has complained of pain in his legs in the past but not really sure if it’s the lyme. He has tested positive though. I also just heard of Dr Anderson and thinking of taking my son to see him. I’m just hoping it’s the right decision as I’m coming all the way from Australia.
    I just wanted to thank you for your blog.

    • Dear Anonymous,
      Lyme is such a hard an awful battle for yourself and your kiddo! I’m sorry to hear that you are both suffering I/we have been there! And that you live so far away! Gosh….where to begin….in regards to treatment for you both Dr. Anderson is always my recommendation but since you live so far away have you tried to reach out to them virtually, email or even a phone call first before making the trip. I would definitely try to make contact that way initially. He always has a wait list which can take weeks, even months 😦 at times to get his first available appt. If you have read my posts regarding Lyme specifically, you know I treated myself first. The second bite I encountered (12 years after my first bite) left me bed ridden and unable to push through my days anymore. My daughter, I was suspicious about but she didn’t have acute or debilitating symptoms at the time so I had to be treated first. I wouldn’t be here today if I didn’t. You are saying you’re very sick and he is as well….treatment is a marathon and the hardest one you will ever run. You may want to consider treating yourself first so you can then learn how to run the race to help your son through it? Abby’s treatment was less difficult 1.) because children’s bodies tend to do better during treatment (they have youth on their side) and 2.) I knew what to anticipate because I had gone through it myself first and have learned so much that her marathon wasn’t as arduous. You are mentioning leg pain and your serious concerns for him. If you want to share what that looks like for him in more detail I may be able to unravel the mystery for you. How old is he? I would say that any consistent and chronic pain, in any specific place in a kiddos body always makes me suspicious. Kiddos are so very resilient and even when they have a virus cold/flu etc they tend to motor their way through it, it never debilitates them the way it does us older folk, and they don’t really complain too much either. So if something is causing your kiddo’s pace of life to slow way down and complaints come with it then always listen to your gut. These days, Abby does have leg and foot cramps at times and they are painful but they are growing pains and fleeting. We use Arnica gel and tablets for muscles aches/bruises and ibuprofen very sporatically but at times when necessary and Mommies always know when that time comes.

      Again, I always recommend when sick families contact me, that Mom and Dad get treated first and then…. help their kiddo through treatment but if you think your son is more urgently sick than you, stick to your gut! I can tell you the quickest Dr. Anderson has cleared a patient, that I know of, from Lyme is 6 mths and I think I may have been one of his longest patients to clear at 8 mths. Abby took 6 1/2 mths. At that time, I was treated I was one of the sickest patients he’d ever seen and I am well today so you have every right to be hopeful that you and your son can get well! I also helped a young Mommy (32 yrs old) walk through treatment who tested positive for all 6 Lyme infections! Dr. Anderson had never treated a patient with all 6! She was very ill too and she’s well today and planning to expand their family soon. Her treatment time was 7 mths. It’s the hardest 7 mths ever but in the grand scheme of time a drop in the bucket compared to how long some folks have been ill and suffering.

      If you want to think out loud with me, I will do my best to support you from The States.
      (I would love to make a friend in Australia! Beautiful country so I’ve been told, from my Retired MSTSGT Marine husband who loved stopping there while deployed. He says kangaroo tastes like chicken, can you confirm that? 🙂

      Grace and peace be over you and your family as you endure!!!

      • Hi Kimi thank you for your fast reply. You’re to sweet!
        My name is Marian by the way ☺
        I’m from Australia but moved to Europe a few months ago thinking i would get better treatment here but unfortunately the doctor here is hopeless. So now i am seeing Dr Jemsek in Washington DC in one week after a few recommendations.
        My son Isaiah has been seen by a coupl of lyme doctors and they tell me that i shouldn’t treat him as he is not sick.
        I mentioned that he has a few times said that his leg hurts but the last doctor dismissed it.
        But he did giv me herbal timctures to treat him only because i was pushy.
        But most of the time Isaiah runs around without complaints so it’s hard to tell.
        By the way he is 4 years old and becoming a cheeky monkey with attitude.
        I’m also sorry about your second born. She is a little doll and i cannot imagine what you had to go through.
        I am glad to hear that you are a christian and i know that Jesus is our comforter.
        So Kimi I’m thinking i will ring Dr Anderson tomorrow and see if i can bring Isaiah to see him in a couple of months as i do not want to treat Isaiah with antibiotics.
        Then by then if i see improvements i will see him for myself.
        Kimi i would love to stay in contact with you. Are you on Facebook or Instragram?
        If you like you can add me, my name is Marian Aydin Slusny.
        God bless

      • Sorry for delay Marian….I would love to stay in touch as well. I have begun a group on FB called Buh-Bye Lyme (search it should come up 😉 so people can ask me direct questions any time. I will answer as quickly as I can and if I don’t know the answer I will try to help find one.

        God bless you!

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