Holy Miracle!!!

“Holy Miracle!!!” Abby said, “You know how you always say, “holy mackerel? Well… I say this is a Holy Miracle.”  Tears of joy streaming down her face.  Her words were concise and accurate.


My recent battle with Lyme Disease had just ended in a victorious win for myself and my family.  My restoration and renewed enthusiasm for life had been fueling my days.  Since taking the test on February 28, I had been speechless for 23 days.  I felt a bit like Mary, silent and internally pondering,  “How can this be Lord?  I thought the reason for the absence of my last period was menopause!  I am about to turn 43 years old!  3 miscarriages, Our Beloved Sophie turned 7 this year 2014 in Heaven where she’s lived for 4 1/2 years now!  I/We had completely released this dream knowing of its slight possibility.” Fear and trembling took over my body, tears streaming down my face, trying to calm my erratic breath patterns a reply from Him, “I know.”  

I immediately began to comb through the timing of this looking for the fingerprints and footprints of God, as His perfect plan unfolded in the dates.  God used our entire family to highlight His perfection.  I had already been pondering the fact that March 24, 2014 Sophie would turn 7 years old.  7 is the number used in Scriptures to signify Resurrection, Spiritual completion and Father’s perfection.  I was drawing great peaceful spiritual significance knowing that this year 2014 (a multiple of 7 x’s 2) Sophie would turn 7.  I didn’t and don’t know what this means in Heaven, I’m sure its much beyond my comprehension, but on Earth a Mommy’s heart was being soothed by the thought that this was an extraordinary year for Our Heavenly Girl!

Sophie 7

February 28, 2014 the day I took the pregnancy test;  as I mentioned I thought I was in the beginning stages of menopause due to my age and all my body had been through I thought it wasn’t a stretch to consider and begin to prepare for “The Change” however after January came and went (Russ celebrating our 11 years of marriage in addition to my newly achieved healthy status) by the end of February I began feeling some physical symptoms that weren’t leaving a feeling of health and wellness, but my mind was drawn to when I was pregnant with Abby.  That’s how I felt.  I laughed, a modern day Sarah’s reaction and rummaged around under my bathroom sink to find one last pregnancy test from years ago and thought well let’s take it and dispel this notion and then I’ll call my Dr. and do further investigation.  After 3 mins, no further investigation was needed, “Pregnant.” 6 more 7’s added to the list.

Based on my calendar dates thus far I was almost 7 weeks 5 days along Baby’s Birthdate October 14, 2014.  I know these can be wrong and need confirmation but the contemplation of this left me breathless and this date added, 5 more 7’s, totaling 14 7’s in all.  Father’s Perfection, Resurrection, Spiritual Completion!  IN addition Redemption!  Redemption….when God replaces one person or event for another to heal the broken hearted to set captives free, October 14, 2009 was Sophie’s open-heart surgery date.  A date in which we surrendered Our Sophie to the Will of God, releasing her to Heaven to celebrate my Sister Nancy’s Birthday who had herself relocated to Heaven 6 months prior in that same year!  Now God was proclaiming October 14, 2014 to be the Birthday of Our Holy Miracle! God has always worked in the dates to comfort our broken hearts!  He again has miraculously nudged or magnetically attracted us toward His redemptive plan for our family, wrapped in Father’s Perfection! Dates, right or wrong; the pondering of this kind of redemption was a healing salve to my heart.

Perfect 7Happy 7 Sophie

We celebrated Sophie’s 7th birthday with an electric excitement.  We wrote messages to her and to the Lord about what we knew as a family.  What we were waiting to confirm, as a family.

birthdays 8988

And now we can officially confirm, after my first ultrasound, March 31, 2014 the official dates according to this image of New Life taken; 8 weeks and 6 days along, Date of Birth November 4, 2014.  We sat with silent joy as we watched Our Holy Miracle’s heart beating and body moving all around.

ultrasound dob nov4 9018

There are many days between now and November 4, 2014.  We appreciate any prayers you may consider lifting up on our behalf between now and then.

For now we just marvel in the dates and the details of Our Holy Miracle, The Father’s Restoration, Redemption and Perfection!

11 responses to “Holy Miracle!!!

  1. I think of that song by Casting Crowns:

    You’re greater than my yesterdays You hold me close today You’re the Lord of my tomorrows My heart will always say

    Your mercy saved me, mercy made me whole…….

    I love you Lord and I love you Kimi!

    Sent from my iPhone

    • My best friend and love of my heart…many days to walk together and I’m happy that each one of them will be holding your hand. Or crushing it on delivery day! 😉

  2. Wow! Wow! Wow! We love you and marvel at Gods miracles! Thank you for letting us share this journey with you! We continue to pray for all of you!! Looking forward to seeing you all in gods timing!!

  3. You guys just keep blowing my mind….your journey has been filled with the deepest despair and the highest blessings…not much ordinary stuff. I am so happy for all of you. I will be praying for your Holy Miracle and lifting you all up.

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